Why Girls Like The Silicone Makeup Accessories

- Nov 10, 2017-

Why Girls like the Silicone Makeup Accessories?

Nowadays silicone products become more and more popular, and applied to different area and industrial.

Except silicone kitchenware, promotion small gadgets, nowadays, silicone material has widely applied for silicone makeup accessories. Let's introduce you below:

* Beauty care

1. Silicone makeup brush

    makeup brush silicone.jpg

2. Silicone cosmetic brush holder

    brush holder.jpg

3. Silicone cosmetic brushing cleaning pad

   cleaning pad.jpg

4. silicone face cleaning brush

face cleaning brush.jpg

* Hair salon accessories

hair salon product.jpg

 silicone callapsible diffuser         silicone dye cap         silicone hair cutting cape    hair dye ear protector

hair accessories.jpg

    hairpin magnetic bracelet         hair roller                 silicone iron holster    silicone hair massage brush

Silicone iron mat

iron mat.jpg

* Nail art accessories

nail art silicone accessories.jpg

   silicone nail polish holder       nail art mat            nail polishing practise mat      nail polish remover cap

* Other more health and beauty care products

   healthe care.jpg

             silicone lip enhancer                     silicone massage cupping                   silicone mask      


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