What Is The Difference Between Menstrual Discs And Menstrual Cups

- Dec 03, 2018-

Calling a menstrual disc and a menstrual cup the same thing would be like calling eyeglasses and contact lenses the same thing because they both correct your vision and touch your face. 

In reality, a menstrual disc and a menstrual cup serve a similar purpose (collecting menstrual fluid) but the form factor and how they work with your body are quite different.

There are actually quite a few differences between the menstrual disc and the menstrual cup. Here are the major ones:

  • Placement

  • Menstrual discs sit in the vaginal fornix, which is at the base of your cervix. It is at the widest part of your vaginal canal. Compare this to cups, which sit in the vaginal canal.

  • How it Works

  • Menstrual discs stay in by using your vaginal muscle walls and your natural anatomy. It is “propped” up behind your pubic bone which keeps the disc nice and snug. In contrast, cupsy contrast use suction to stay in place, which is why you have to pinch the cup when you remove it to break the seal. 

  • Insertion

  • In order to insert a menstrual disc, you pinch it in half, push it all of the way back, and then rest the top of the rim behind your pubic bone. Menstrual cups must be folded in half or like a “taco” and then inserted. The directions also call for rotating the cup a full 360 degrees to make sure that the rim is completely unfolded.

  • Disposable versus Reusable

  • Menstrual discs are disposable so you don’t have to wash or boil it after you use it. The average woman uses 8 discs per cycle. Menstrual cups must be washed and rinsed before each use, and it is suggested to clean them using special soaps that won’t damage the silicone. It is also recommended that you boil your menstrual cup every month to disinfect it.

  • Wear During Sex

  • Menstrual discs don’t block the vaginal canal, so it is possible to have mess-free sex while wearing it. Menstrual cups sit in the vaginal canal and must be removed before having sex (otherwise you or your partner might be in for a painful surprise!)

  • Made with different Materials

  • Nowadays menstrual discs is made from a medical-grade polymer that is used in many types of medical devices like surgical tools. Menstrual cups are typically made from medical-grade silicone.

    Nowadays, customer choose the silicone material to make the menstrual discs, as it's re-usable and eco-friendly to the environment.

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