What Is A Makeup Sponge

- Jan 30, 2018-

Makeup sponges, also called cosmetic sponges, are used to apply and remove certain types of makeup, moisturizer, and cleanser. They’re available in many varieties and can be purchased at local drugstores and discount or high-end department stores. Depending on the purpose, they can be found in wedge shapes, round puffs, infused with Vitamin E, smooth, rough, porous, dense, or any other shape or texture required to achieve the best application or removal of a product.

Triangular, smooth, semi-dense makeup sponge wedges are best used to apply liquid foundation. Just as the surface on the wedge is smooth, so will be the liquid makeup application. This is important as liquid foundation is applied to the face and will be highly visible. A sponge with larger “pores,” would soak up too much of the liquid, plus the application would not be smooth as the large craters would cause different amounts of makeup to be distributed as the makeupsponge is pulled across the face. They are also available infused with Vitamin E which is said to nourish and protect skin.

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