Wet Puff

- May 01, 2015-

Also called Sponge puff

Make-up function-Used to apply foundation, you can make the foundation evenly applied to the details of the face parts.

Types--In the market there are round, diamond, triangular, rectangular several.

A round puff--large area, feel good, suitable for playing area larger parts, such as the whole face, body powder. Especially suitable for beginners, is also a necessary product for the studio makeup artist.

B-diamond, triangular puff----small size, contact area with the skin smaller, to some small parts of the bottom, such as nasal silhouette, t-word parts, chin. Easy to carry, especially suitable for location shooting makeup and bridal makeup with makeup services. But the area is small, the bottom time is long, and is not easy to handle, has certain request to the technique, suits the experienced makeup artist.

Use Tips--in each makeup should use a clean side of the puff, so as to ensure that the makeup face adhere, lasting, clean.

Use tips-Before using a clean new puff, soak the puff for a while and squeeze it repeatedly with a dry towel to keep the puff moist. The powder puff is more moist to be able to make the foundation dozen tightly, pastes, through.

Cleaning skills-can be a sponge into the surface of the left side, the right side of the surface, inside the left side, the right side of the four parts, for different models of foundation, each use a section, use four times after the soap thoroughly clean. Sponge in use as a result of absorbing the foundation moisture and become moist, easy to cause a large number of bacteria breeding, so careful cleaning is very necessary, can ensure the safety and health of the skin. Charming thousand jiao [1]

Maintenance Method--it is best to put it in the ventilated place after cleaning the powder puff, so that it can air-dry naturally and cannot be exposed directly to the sun.

Reminder-If a puff is often cleaned and the skin feels bad, the edge is broken and the new sponge is replaced. In the studio, you can save the old puff powder used to hit the body.

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