Silicone Brush Cleaning Mat (22.5cm*17cm)

- Mar 15, 2018-

Silicone Brush Cleaning Mat (22.5cm*17cm)

This super practical silicone brush cleaner will quickly become indispensible for every make-up enthusiast and painter. To use it, you simply have to gently press the brush into its soft silicone nubs, and it will cut down cleaning time by half. Ensuring that brushes are properly cleaned after use is key to their longevity, and helps avoid both cross-contamination and bacterial build up.

  • Made of soft silicone that will not damage your brushes

  • Designed with 7 different textures to work both for small brushes as well as the large ones.

  • There are 5 non-slip suction cups on the backside of the mat for secure placement in the sink, so that the dirty water can run off and down the drain as you are using it.

  • Easy to disinfect


Step 1: Rinse brushes with running water

Step 2: Apply liquid soap on the brushes

Step 3: Gently swirl the brushes back and forth on the different textures on the mat

Step 4: Rinse the brushes under running water and get off the soap residues


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