Puff Use

- Mar 08, 2016-

It is more reasonable to use two puffs when making powder. First with a puff of incense powder, and then with another pair of pressure, one used to shoot large areas such as the forehead and cheek, the other to shoot small uneven areas such as the nose, around the eye and around the hairline. This method can be applied evenly and save time.

Make powder puff material There are many kinds of, the market to chemical fiber or blended material for many. People with poor skin are better off using a 100% cotton puff to reduce irritation to the skin. Of course, no matter what kind of powder puff, once used dirty is unfavorable to the skin health, so to often clean. Cotton puff after cleaning, due to the adhesion of powder and easy to harden, so rub with the hand to make it soft and then use.

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