Puff (Cosmetic)

- Dec 01, 2014-

Puff (Cosmetic)

Puff is a kind of cosmetic tools, general powder and powder box will contain puff, mostly cotton and velvet material, used to dip Foundation and cosmetic makeup. According to the different types of puff, the main functions are as follows: Sponge puff is more suitable for wet water use, easy to evenly push the liquid foundation; the triangular shape is easy to smear the corners of the eyes and nose and other positions. Dry-Wet dual-use puff is generally a round or rectangular, whether or not wet use, can be wet and dry dual-use flour cake on the face. Whether the choice of sponge puff or dry-wet dual-use puff, or soft moderate for the best.

Powder Puff BASIC Structure


Divided into two kinds of natural and synthetic texture. Natural sponge water absorption is good, suitable in the foundation liquid, powder frost when used; synthetic sponge is better, but the water absorption is not enough, suitable for the use of powder cake.

Side thickness

The thickness of the sponge will have a good flexibility, the use of the skin's comfort doubled, foundation is also easy to play adhere natural.

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