Dry Powder Flapping

- May 15, 2015-

Color function-will powder, dry powder evenly light on the face, but also can play a role in setting makeup.

Type-the dry powder flutter on the market is divided into cotton and chemical fiber by material.

Cotton Powder Puff-The makeup artist standing utensils. It has good texture, good touch, strong adsorption ability, easy to set makeup.

Chemical fiber puff-low price, but not recommended, guests feel uncomfortable.

According to the shape of the removable and washable type. Generally recommended to use washable type, convenient, hygienic.

Use Tips-the puff you just bought will also need to be cleaned before use to make the skin feel soft and comfortable. Puff to keep the surface hairy, do not harden its surface. Throughout the make-up process will be used to puff, so experienced makeup artist will be equipped with more than two clean powder puff, easy to replace the use.

Cleaning techniques-dry-powder flapping is best cleaned every day to ensure cleanliness, which is important to keep your face clean. If you lose the soft touch when using it, you need to wash it with soap. After cleaning the powder puff, do not use the hand twist, to use a towel to roll the water, and then in the shade thoroughly dry. If the puff dries and becomes stiff, gently rub it with your hand.

Maintenance Method--as far as possible, the powder puff in a box, to ensure its clean, do not mix with other makeup products.

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