Double-sided Silicone Make Up Sponge

- Mar 16, 2018-

Double-sided Silicone Make Up Sponge


This reusable, easily cleanable make up sponge makes blending make up a snap. Rather than smear make up with this sponge, it’s best to push it gently on the face for a truly seamless application. Since this durable sponge doesn’t absorb make-up, it also ensures that you’ll waste less product!

This new model adds a soft, cute and durable powder applier that will do wonders for final touches on your daily look. Make from very fine pink felt, it blends powder effortlessly.

Made from medical grade, soft silicone, this sponge will adapt to the contours of your face much better than an equivalent sponge made from plastic, or even lesser grade silicone. It is so soft and pliable that makes it significantly easier to apply make up to areas such as the edge of the nose.

  • double-sided with powder applicator and make-up blending sponge

  • doesn’t absorb products: less waste!

  • easy to disinfect and clean

  • durable

  • filled with BPA-free, medical grade silicone


  1. Apply a very small amount of your favourite base product on the silicone sponge. Since the sponge doesn’t absorb the product, make sure you’re using less than you would with a regular sponge!

  2. Dab the sponge on the skin, pushing it gently into the coverage area. Do not smear, as it will cause streaks.

  3. Wash with warm, soapy water or with disinfectant. Air dry.

Easy to clean and disinfect

  • Simply wash the silicone side of the sponge with disinfectant or with warm, soapy water. It can be left to air dry.

  • Unlike a regular sponge, a silicone sponge can be disinfected. The porous material of regular sponges means that it’s impossible to fully remove residues and bacteria.

  • The fact that the sponge is easier to clean makes it last longer: regular sponges absorb make up residues, which with time expire and become rancid. Using a properly cleaned silicone sponge instead will prevent break outs!

  • Prevents mold: with a regular make up sponge, humidity becomes a breeding group for bacteria and mold, ruining the sponge. If properly disinfected, however, a silicone sponge won’t attract nearly as much bacteria, and even a bit of water won’t become a long term health hazard.

BPA-free food grade silicone. For external use only.

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