Advantage Of Hair Dryer Holder, Bathroom Beauty Appliance Storage Organizer

- Jan 26, 2018-

  • ❤️**COLLEGE DORM ROOM ESSENTIAL ACCESSORY** REDUCE THE CLUTTER and clear off counter space. Great for use while your tools are heating up, in use or on the go. Protects countertops and kids from burns. Heat resistant to 500 degrees. Makes a great hair styling station for small spaces.

  • ❤️EXCELLENT GIFT CHOICE FOR TEENS, WOMEN & MEN: Can hold electric razors & clippers, too. We all use a grooming appliance of some kind. Loved by crafters to organize and hang glue guns, hobbyists and garage gadgets.

  • ❤️PERFECT FOR PEDESTAL SINKS, DORM ROOMS, SMALL BATHROOMS, TINY HOUSES AND TRAVELERS: Holds up 20 pounds! May be used on a workbench or home garage as it is great for holding tools!

  • ❤️SAFE & CONVENIENT place to keep your hot beauty appliances while you are getting ready. Clings to any clean & smooth, non-porous counter surface due to grippy silicone: No suction cups or adhesive. Tiny venting holes make this useful in bathtub to hold loofa & back washer. Best on marble, granite, stainless steel, cultured marble, solid surface counters! Does not cling to most laminate counters.

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